About Me

About Me

About Me

They’re still smiling…..

A bit about me, well OK firstly it’s not about me – it’s about you, it’s your day, I’ll be there to record that day in a non intrusive way (well apart from ‘to get the formals out the way’ but, even then, hopefully, amusing with it)  and capture some dramatic images drawing on my landscape photography background and my current fashion and beauty photography.

OK so an actual bit about me I’m Gateshead based wedding photographer Adrian Thurm of Pumpkin Pictures Photography. I began, like many, as a hobby photographer  some years ago, this was where I started to learn about photography.

However, A few years back, after the birth of my first child, (who would also later supply the name Pumpkin, my petname for her), I started to photograph people, and kind of never looked back, I still photograph the occasional landscape, but these days it’s mostly a combination of portrait, family, model, commercial and of course wedding photography.

I shoot non wedding things too as http://awthurmimages.com, but you’re here for the wedding stuff.


About Us (who else is involved in the Wedding Photography)

I have a regular second shooter, whom I shoot weddings with, Mr Lee Bowman of Simplee Photography, who I also happen to share a studio with SimpLee Studio, so we are used to working together on many photography projects, weddings, commercial and generally just get on, with similar senses of humour, and we just work well as a team.